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Why do you need SEO for your website

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a science, a process or even an art of maximizing or optimizing the visibility of a website in the search engine results pages in order to increase traffic from natural or organic results. There is a philosophical quote by George Berkeley which states that if a tree fell in the forest and no one is around or even close to hear it whether it makes a sound or not.

This argument can be applied in a case where an entrepreneur has an awesome website and excellent products, but no one knows about it since their website is on page 35 on search engine results one has the time and the patience to go way back to the 35th page unless it’s a matter of life and death and that’s where the search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. Today over 85% of the global consumers go to the search engines to search for products and services they want to purchase hence better rankings and visibility is vital to the success of the business. When search engine optimization (SEO) is done the right way in accordance to the set standards what is known as White Hat SEO, it will get a business relevant leads which have a higher chance of conversion and will overall complement other search engine marketing strategies employed by the business.

With the above explanation, you would have understood that SEO is not an easy task to pull off. There are very few firms like Wood & Co. Creative who are able to do it with absolute perfection.  Just to be clear on the question “why do you need SEO for your website” here is a couple of pretty good reasons.

Benefits of SEO to your business 

SEO is good for visibility and branding

Traffic is the currency of success on the internet today and more the traffic absolutely the higher the chances of closing a sale or making your brand visible to the world. The frequency to which a website appears on the search engine results page has a direct positive effect on brand awareness and the more your website appears on the results page it has a direct correlation with the amount of traffic you will get.

SEO has good ROI in advertising

Since SEO is an inbound marketing strategy, it usually brings in visitors or rather a traffic that have an interest in the product or service you are offering. The nature of SEO, in this case, makes it one of the greatest rewarding marketing strategies that one can employ since it directly targets interested consumers of your services or products.

SEO provides valuable insights into the visitor’s trends and behavior.

When traffic comes into one’s website, an analysis can be done revealing the user’s behavior, what users are searching, which products and services they are looking for, what language they are using and even what competitors’ products and services their users prefer.

SEO Is a critical part of Marketing

Regardless of the marketing campaigns, a business is undertaking digital or traditional, SEO will integrate perfectly with other marketing strategies. The combination usually strengthens the marketing campaign which ultimately boosts the market reach.

SEO helps build your brand’s credibility

It’s the nature of online users to tend to trust the results that rank high in the search engines results page. Search engines as well reveal results that that match users intent hence not only will the website earn trust from its visitors but even from the search engines. Remember the far your site is on the search engine results pages the more the online users tend to devalue it but the higher it is, the more credible it appears.

Things to notice before buying a website

In this digital age, if one is running a business, an online presence is mandatory. It is because most of the desitions made by the customers today are based on the online searches. So ignoring the online presence will directly impact is losing the customers. For someone who is just looking for just an online presence can settle with a social media page like Facebook and Instagram. If the business is really looking to reach out to its audience, then a website is a must. The website obviously conveys the required information in a better way to the visitor. It also has more potential to convert a visitor into a customer.

More importance should be given, and complete research should be done if you are buying an e-commerce website or dropshipping websites. It is because these sites are not just the ones that make money through ads. A proper e-commerce and drop shipping websites can give you a lot of financial benefits.

Domain Authority

Domain authority of the site matters a lot when it comes to the site ranking. A good DA site is an indication that the site is well optimized. Domain authority is very much needed when you are expecting some well-paying ads and sponsored reviews.  The high domain authority also is an indication of the quality of the particular site.

Keyword ranking

The website may even have a good ranking. But it is important that the website is not driving traffic for the wrong keywords. Ranking of the for wrong keywords affect the site’s ranking in the later stages as the dwell time of the site is reduced. This also impacts in loosing out on the customers.
Make sure to analyze the website completely with Google Analytics. Make sure to use SEMrush to check the word profile attachment.

The Design

The design of the site is one of the important aspects that should be noticed. The design is what that makes the site more interactive and interesting. To convert a visitor into a customer the design of the site plays a major role. It also helps in the ranking since the dwell time of the visitor also depends on the design of the site.

The social media traffic

The social media traffic refers to the sharing of the website’s content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.  The social media plays a major role because of the simple phycology that people will share only good content. So this is an indication that the website is optimized with good content. This also reduces the work of the buyer in on page optimization.


Make sure that the site has proper demographics. For example, if it is an e-commerce blog about gadgets, the audience who should be targetted are the tech-savvy and the young people who are more into gadgets. Hence study the demographics of the site before buying it and make sure that the target audience is perfectly set.

Why Should You Invest in Content Creation: We Take a Look

Well, I’m a native English and I don’t need to hire anyone to write the content for my website as I can do it on my own. If that’s the thought that keeps appearing in your mind regularly, then you should read the following information very carefully because it is going to change your concept about this aspect. Well, every native cannot write creative content because it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

However, there are always some experts in every industry that can do a job better than others. So, if you believe that you are not supposed to take help from these experts, then you are doing a lot of harm to your business. In fact, we recommend that you should hire a content creation expert for a trial job and then see the results that appear on your website.

We guarantee you that you’d a significant change in the user behavior on your website. The truth is that knowing the English isn’t the only thing for creating interesting content but you need to have extensive knowledge about content creation if you want to see a positive response from your visitors. And a content creation expert can easily do that for you because they have complete knowledge of the aspects that are important for writing different types of content.

Here are the reasons why you should invest in content creation.

Different writing standards

The standards for writing different types of content are different. For example, if you are writing content for a blog, your writing style would be totally different and when you are writing content for an email, the style would be different. But if you are using the same style on types of platforms, you won’t be able to see better results. A Freelance Content Creation expert understands all the basic and advanced standards and they can write the perfect content for all scenarios.

Engaging the audience

Engaging the audience with your content is really important. If you are trying to save money on content creation, you won’t be able to get enough sales and as a result, you’d have to turn down your website. An expert content creator understands the nature of the audience and he can keep them engaged by using several phrases. So, you must invest money in content creation if you are looking to produce better results.


The content creators can write perfect content for you within a very short span of time as they are experienced in this field. But if you started doing it on your own, you’d have to spend a lot of time on creating content. And as a result, you won’t be able to pay enough attention to the other tasks. Here are some other important reasons why you should invest in content creation.

Designing Your Social Media Page: Tips to Getting More Likes and Followers

Everybody has a dream of getting multiple likes and followers on their social media page because it is the only way of growing their reputation on social media. But the problem is that everybody doesn’t make a lot of effort and struggle that is required for getting more likes and followers. The social media algorithms are changing along with the behavior of users on social media platforms.

So, you must also adopt this change and start following some new and working methods so that you may make your dreams come true. If you are unable to win the likes and followers on your social media page even after making a lot of efforts and struggle, then you’re heading to the wrong direction and you need to change your criteria if you are willing to get more likes and followers in future.

Some new and even old social media marketers do not know that design of the page is really important when you are trying to get more likes and followers. And the best part is that almost every social media platform enables us to change the design of the page the way we want. So, you must take advantage of this opportunity and design your social media page in a way that may attract the users. Here are some important design tips for designing your social media page so that you may get more likes and followers.

Profile picture

The profile picture is the first thing that users see when they visit your page. You need to add a professional logo in this place so that the users may understand that you are running a reputable business. In fact, the logo should be able to define that what’s your business all about. Make sure that you carefully set the size of the logo before placing it as the profile photo.

Cover Photo

The cover photo is the next thing that a user sees when they visit their page. So, you must add a creative and attractive cover photo to pass a great impression to the users. The cover photo should have all the important information about your business. Make sure that you make it as attractive as possible. There nothing wrong with hiring a graphic designer for this purpose.

Likes and Followers

The next thing a user may look at is the likes and the followers. And the bad part is that you can’t set the number of likes and followers accordingly. But there are ways you can use to increase the followers. For example, you can purchase the instagramfollowers to increase your page’s reputation on social media.

Pinned post

You also have the option to pin a post on the top. So, you must choose the most attractive and most informative post for this purpose. Thus, the users would get engaged to your page and click that like or follow button. Here are some more tips for getting more likes and followers on social media.

Are All Keyboards Built the Same? We Show You What to Look For

Buying a keyboard is the easiest job on this planet. All you need to do is go to a computer shop and look for different styles and find the most stylish keyboard. Then bring it to your home and connect it to your computer. That’s all. Isn’t it great? It looks really easy and interesting as well. But it isn’t as easy as you consider it to be. There is no doubt that all keyboards look the same, but there are some basic differences that make them different from one another.

Usually, the average people do not pay any attention to the features of a keyboard because they do not know the advantages of different features. If you just take a look at the Review of the best backlit keyboards, you’d be shocked to see the number of options available there. Thus, you can imagine that how keyboards are different from each other.

The gamers and other professionals always take a deep look when trying to buy a keyboard because they understand the importance of these features. The technical keyboards are not only good for the gamers but other professionals may also use them in different circumstances. However, we are not going to discuss the technicalities of different keyboards here. We will only talk about some basic features you should look for when buying a keyboard. Here are the things you should look for when buying a keyboard.

Mechanical Keyboard

The structure and programming of mechanical keyboard is different from average keyboards for playing games on Twitch. The mechanical keyboards are usually helpful in several professions where the use of the keyboard is really important. Similarly, the gamers also prefer choosing these keyboards over all other options as they provide them more functionality. So, you must also choose a mechanical keyboard if you want to enjoy the extreme level of comfort and convenience.

If you are going to use the computer occasionally, then you should buy an average keyboard because mechanical keyboards are expensive than the average keyboards.

Wired or wireless

The wired keyboards have been around for a very long time but their importance has started decreasing after the wireless keyboards because they provide more comfort and convenience. A huge number of computer users have shifted to the wireless keyboards because nobody wants to stick to the chair while working on the computer.


Some keyboards are waterproof and they enable you to continue your work without any kind of worries. I still remembered that I lost a very expensive keyboard just because of a few drops of water. So, after this tragedy, I thought of buying a waterproof keyboard because I did not want to lose my money anymore. So, I finally found one and now I’m satisfied with my keyboard because it has all the important features that I was looking for.

How a Digital Agency Can Help Build Your Brand?

If you are living a life of a common man and you don’t want to become popular in your life, then there is no need to read this article because this article is only for the people that want to achieve a higher rank in this world. Those that are not interested in becoming a brand are making your journey easier as you won’t have to beat them while trying to achieve your desired rank.

However, there are still a lot of people that can be really challenging for you as they are also trying to achieve the goal that you are focused on. In this struggle, you both have the potential to become popular because there are lots of opportunities available for you. Once you have fulfilled all the requirements of building a top brand, all you need to do is to hire a digital agency that can help in promoting your brand on different digital media platforms.

If you are interested in knowing that how a digital agency can help build your brand, you must take a visit to the We are sure that you’d find a lot of amazing stuff on this website. Here is some information about how a digital agency can help build your brand.

Paid promotion

The digital agency experts can run ads on different digital media platforms to grow brand awareness among the customers. They can target the right audience so that the ad is only displayed to the people that are interested in buying your products. Thus, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on advertising your business. In other words, the digital agency can help in reducing the costs of advertising and they can help you spend that money in some other areas.

Search Engine Optimization

The search engine optimization is the most important part of digital marketing. The digital agency can build your reputation on the internet by optimizing your website. The SEO standards change over time, therefore, you can only get it done by experts. The search engine optimization can improve your reputation for a very long time. Thus, it would keep promoting your brand without costing you a lot of money.

Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Marketing is another important branch of digital marketing. The digital agency experts can promote your products on different social media platforms to build your brand accordingly. There are many social media platforms that we regularly use in our daily life. So, the digital agency experts can easily promote your brand with the help of these social media platforms.

And the best part about social media platforms is that they will take your message to as many people as possible. Thus, your brand will become very popular. Click Here and find more information about how a digital agency can help build your brand.

What CMS framework is best when designing your website? We take a look

An acronym for Content Management System, CMS is essentially the platform you use when creating and managing all your website content, be it in form of writing or pictures. CMS is designed to facilitate publication of new posts, editing or deletion of the existing ones. Most of the available CMS framework options offer even more than that and further allow you to manage things such as comments people post on your website, change the web design, add extra features, and more.

CMS frameworks are designed to help you successfully run your website while empowering you to easily make desired changes and improvements. As such, you are able to give your audience a greater content and experience on your website while saving you the time and energy you might have taken with code and administration.
Also noteworthy, the CMS platform you choose can impact the appearance and feel of your dear website according to one web design Miami firm. It is the backbone of all your blog content; therefore defining the options you have in regard to content format and design. This will ultimately affect how Google rates your site and consequently impact the traffic you get.
As such, choosing the right Content Management System is very important for your blogging success. But what CMS framework is best when designing your website? We take a look at the top three most reputed options today. Read below.
1. WordPress
This is arguably the most renowned CMS available today for its quality service provision. WordPress, used by bloggers from all walks of life, is a vastly comprehensive platform that offers you reliable control over your website creation and also makes it quite simple to manage and improve. It is the choice of many big and small companies and individuals around the world.
This leading web design tool is so Search Engine-friendly. Its vast client base means the presence of big community support, and it constantly offers many developed features that you can quickly and easily add onto your webpage in the form of widgets and plugins.
2. Joomla!
Another top popular CMS, Joomla! offers great flexibility that recommends it as ideal for use in developing back-end’ websites which will only be seen and used in-house. It is therefore an excellent CMS option for creating an organization’s website purposed for use by its own people. A good number of big corporations, among them Citibank, use Joomla! for such applications. It packs lots of extension as well as several reliable authentication options. It may not be as much feature-rich as WordPress, but it remains a great and dependable platform to use for quality web designing.
3. Drupal
Drupal finds its space among the top three Content Management Systems today. To merit is reputation, it has several big companies in its client subscription. Much like Joomla!, it is quite supportive for internal websites and again provides lots of extension options. Drupal might not expressly match the performance flexibility and possibilities offered by WordPress, but in it is still an excellent choice for those contented with its reaches.


Although there are a lot more CMS choices, the one you opt for will significantly impact the success of your website and also your workflow as you do the webpage management and updating work. To be sure you have the best framework for your website needs, a web design agency can advise you on the right CMS to use.
However, WordPress, remains a great place to start you off. It is the favorite of most website designers, with the Joomla! and Drupal coming close second and third respectively.

How to set up your Google Maps Listing in Order to Turn Clicks into Conversions?

It is an obvious fact now that most of the customers are using Google Maps to find the local businesses around them and you’ll definitely be missing a huge amount of customers if they couldn’t find you in the top results. It’s not only about targeting the search engine customers but you also have to target the customers who are searching for services with the help of Google Maps.

Now you can turn the click into conversion by setting up your Google Maps Listing in a proper way.’s tutorials on Map Pack Advertising shows you the perfect ways of setting up your Google Maps Listing to turn Clicks into Conversions. It’s not a rocket science, all you need to do is following a few simple and quick steps to set up your listing.

If you want to get ranked faster, then you must submit all your information in the Google Places which is some sort of business listings directory which works as a phonebook for Google. Google tries to show the appropriate results to their customers with the help of this directory. They use this information to rank the businesses in Google Maps and also in the organic search results.

So, it’s the best source for you to achieve a higher rank in both the platforms. Let’s take a look at how can you set up your listing here.


There are a few important things that you must have with you before submitting the information. A Google Account for logging into this platform, phone number and business name, and a physical address for receiving mails. Let’s see what you need to do next after logging into Google Places using your Google Account.

Start a Listing

You’ll first have to submit your phone number and country. Google will guide you to the claiming procedures if the business is already registered otherwise, it will take you to the next step.

Enter Your Business Info

The next step is to submit your company’s name, phone numbers, location and other important information. Now, you’ll have to choose the 5 most relevant categories from a list and then you’ll submit a brief description.

Select Service area

Here, you’ll have to submit the information about areas where you can provide your services. This will help you appear in the search results when people search for different locations.

Select your working hours

This will help Google show results to the customers according to their needs.

Select Payment Options

This will help make the process easier for you and for the customers. There are several payment options that you can choose from such as, PayPal, Google Checkout, or credit cards.

Add digital Media

Now, you’ll have to add some photos and the videos of your business. You can embed the video from youtube as well.

Submit the Business

In the end, you’ll have to double check the information and then submit the listing for verification. The listing will start appearing in the searches after the few days if it gets approved.

Web designers can rank higher with the help of SEO experts

One of the major problems that most of the web designers are facing these days is that they’re unable to find online clients as their portfolio website is not ranked higher in the search engine results.

The reason why they are facing this problem is that they believe that they can rank higher on their own while they do not understand that online ranking industry is completely different from web design.

There are multiple secrets that you do not understand unless you jump into this industry. There are lots of competitors already providing the same services that you’ve just started a few months ago.

So, it’s not easy to outrank those competitors unless you’re an SEO ranking expert. If you are a web designer and don’t have any idea of how to rank your website higher in search engines, then the only option you can avail is hiring an SEO expert.

The attempt to outrank your competitors on your own can be harmful to your website sometimes and it can even get your website penalized in the search engines so you need to be very careful. Let’s take a look at why you should hire SEO Company Experts to bring your website at the top results of search engines.

Knowledge of latest trends

SEO is a fastest growing industry where we see new changes every day. The techniques that were extremely powerful and useful a few years ago are completely useless now just because the search engines are continuously introducing new updates. And every day we see that new techniques are appearing in this industry that we had never heard of in the past.

That’s the reason why you should hire an SEO expert for this task as you’re not sure about what techniques are harmful or useful these days while an SEO expert always keeps himself updated with all the latest updates and rules.

The knowledge of latest trends that an SEO expert has can help you outrank the competitors who are not using those new techniques and you’ll become a top-ranked web designer before they get to know about that technique.

Planning and Experience

Planning is the most important element in SEO. A beginner doesn’t have any idea of what strategy should he use first while an expert prepares a complete plan of how and when to execute an idea.

An expert can help you analyze the websites of your competitors to take a look at what strategies they’re using to rank higher and what are the strategies they’re not using.

Once you’re aware of the power of your competitor, it gets easier for you to beat them. An SEO expert can use different tools and platforms to make the job easier for you. He can even install some plugins to your site that are very helpful in improving the ranking of a website.

Common mistakes companies make when hiring a web designer

Hiring a web designer usually appears to be a tedious task for most of the companies because they’re not familiar with the questions they need to ask before hiring a web designer. Web designing is a very serious profession and you need to hire someone who’s completely sincere with his profession otherwise, you’ll get yourself into a lot of trouble.

What is web designing?

We’re not going to provide you a difficult definition of web designing because we know that you’re already tired of reading all the difficult and bored definitions of this phrase.

Here we’re going to explain it in simple words so that anyone who is not familiar with this phrase may understand that what web designing actually is.

Web designing is a profession where a person first creates a unique design for your website and then implements all the features to your website. Creating a unique, creative and attractive design is the key behind successful web designing.

You can find all the important information about web designing on if you’re confused about a few things.

Web developers

Most of the companies hire web developer instead of hiring a web designer because they don’t understand the difference between a web designer and web developer. A web developer has the knowledge of all the languages that are essential for web designing but he’s unaware of the psychology of colors.

That’s why he can’t produce the perfect design for you. While a web designer is completely aware of the psychology of color and can produce a creative and dynamic web design for you.

UI and UX designs

UI and UX designs are very common these days and users usually like the websites that are designed under the standards of UI and UX designs. Usually, HR managers aren’t aware of the UI and UX designs, therefore, they make a mistake when hiring a web designer.

A web designer who doesn’t have the knowledge of these standards will destroy the image of your website and you’ll not be able to generate more traffic to your website.

SEO knowledge

Most of the people think that SEO is completely different from web design while they don’t understand that a web design is incomplete without the SEO. An SEO friendly design can help you generate more traffic to your website. The SEO-friendly design is also known as User-friendly design.

Search engines will only rank your website on the top if users are satisfied with the design of your website. Search engines keep checking the user behavior on your website to determine whether your website is capable of ranking on top or not.

If you have a website that is not designed under the SEO standards, then you’ll never be able to rank high in the search engines.

Dynamic style

Dynamic styles attract more and more customers, therefore, you must hire a designer who can create the dynamic website for you. If you’ve hired a designer who is unable to create the dynamic website, you’ll lose your reputation and you’ll not be able to drive more visitors to your website.

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