How to set up your Google Maps Listing in Order to Turn Clicks into Conversions?

It is an obvious fact now that most of the customers are using Google Maps to find the local businesses around them and you’ll definitely be missing a huge amount of customers if they couldn’t find you in the top results. It’s not only about targeting the search engine customers but you also have to target the customers who are searching for services with the help of Google Maps.

Now you can turn the click into conversion by setting up your Google Maps Listing in a proper way.’s tutorials on Map Pack Advertising shows you the perfect ways of setting up your Google Maps Listing to turn Clicks into Conversions. It’s not a rocket science, all you need to do is following a few simple and quick steps to set up your listing.

If you want to get ranked faster, then you must submit all your information in the Google Places which is some sort of business listings directory which works as a phonebook for Google. Google tries to show the appropriate results to their customers with the help of this directory. They use this information to rank the businesses in Google Maps and also in the organic search results.

So, it’s the best source for you to achieve a higher rank in both the platforms. Let’s take a look at how can you set up your listing here.


There are a few important things that you must have with you before submitting the information. A Google Account for logging into this platform, phone number and business name, and a physical address for receiving mails. Let’s see what you need to do next after logging into Google Places using your Google Account.

Start a Listing

You’ll first have to submit your phone number and country. Google will guide you to the claiming procedures if the business is already registered otherwise, it will take you to the next step.

Enter Your Business Info

The next step is to submit your company’s name, phone numbers, location and other important information. Now, you’ll have to choose the 5 most relevant categories from a list and then you’ll submit a brief description.

Select Service area

Here, you’ll have to submit the information about areas where you can provide your services. This will help you appear in the search results when people search for different locations.

Select your working hours

This will help Google show results to the customers according to their needs.

Select Payment Options

This will help make the process easier for you and for the customers. There are several payment options that you can choose from such as, PayPal, Google Checkout, or credit cards.

Add digital Media

Now, you’ll have to add some photos and the videos of your business. You can embed the video from youtube as well.

Submit the Business

In the end, you’ll have to double check the information and then submit the listing for verification. The listing will start appearing in the searches after the few days if it gets approved.