How to write SEO optimized content


Content plays a major role in SEO ranking. So, what makes content great from the perspective of SEO? Quality and the checklist for high-quality content include many aspects, like relevance and usefulness to the reader. Below are strategies you should incorporate in your content to make your piece search engine friendly.

Keyword Search

Start by researching for the right keyword. Find out the questions your target audience is using, the type of content they’re searching for so you can come with a content plan that provides solutions to their issues and help them by providing value. Understand your audience as well as the user intent research. Use their language and make an effort to provide solutions they are looking for. Help your reader complete specific tasks. Lengthy content ranks highly in search engine results.

Meta Descriptions

Before publishing your content incorporate Meta descriptions to guide search engines through your content. Besides helping search engines, they enable searchers to know your topic and why your keywords are showing up in the content. Understanding this concept is crucial. Enclosed in < >, Meta description refers to the HTML attribute that concisely reveals to the search engines about your content. Google uses them as snippets every time someone searches keywords relevant to your page.

Check Keyword Frequency

Keyword frequency refers to the number of times your target keyword appears in your content. While incorporating the keyword is crucial, stuffing content with the same is counterproductive. Search engines are currently keen on keyword density. So, make an effort to use them wisely. Even though your audience is looking for the keywords, Google has upped its game and hence is able to recognize synonym. So, do not shy from using them. Use both the keyword and variants naturally in your content.


Page links tell search engines that you have connections and are sociable. Consequently, Google concludes that you have great contents that readers can access elsewhere. The content can be yours or for another high authority site. So, always link out to other sites and pages to show search engines you actually appreciate others’ content. Search engines will reward you handsomely for perpetuating their mission; organizing information and available it globally.

Tips to ensure your content ranks highly

  • Make sure your content loads fast. Aim for at most three seconds. Make sure media files(if any) are not slowing down your content.
  • Your content should play well on mobile. If your site is already responsive, this will not be an issue for you. Otherwise, make sure forms are tappable.
  • The page must be included on the website’s XML sitemap. This way you will help search engines find and understand your content.
  • Avoid on-page optimization blunders like header tag stuffing, excessive keyword insertion, and keyword stuffing.


Follow our guide above and learn from the failures of others and you will do a wonderful job of creating SEO optimized content. Take your time at each and every step and seek clarification where you are not sure. If you want any help in improving your content on the website you can check out Washington DC marketing and SEO, they will help you optimize your page and help your site to rank better. The final outcome (ranking high on search engines) is well worth the trouble.