Things to notice before buying a website

In this digital age, if one is running a business, an online presence is mandatory. It is because most of the desitions made by the customers today are based on the online searches. So ignoring the online presence will directly impact is losing the customers. For someone who is just looking for just an online presence can settle with a social media page like Facebook and Instagram. If the business is really looking to reach out to its audience, then a website is a must. The website obviously conveys the required information in a better way to the visitor. It also has more potential to convert a visitor into a customer.

More importance should be given, and complete research should be done if you are buying an e-commerce website or dropshipping websites. It is because these sites are not just the ones that make money through ads. A proper e-commerce and drop shipping websites can give you a lot of financial benefits.

Domain Authority

Domain authority of the site matters a lot when it comes to the site ranking. A good DA site is an indication that the site is well optimized. Domain authority is very much needed when you are expecting some well-paying ads and sponsored reviews.  The high domain authority also is an indication of the quality of the particular site.

Keyword ranking

The website may even have a good ranking. But it is important that the website is not driving traffic for the wrong keywords. Ranking of the for wrong keywords affect the site’s ranking in the later stages as the dwell time of the site is reduced. This also impacts in loosing out on the customers.
Make sure to analyze the website completely with Google Analytics. Make sure to use SEMrush to check the word profile attachment.

The Design

The design of the site is one of the important aspects that should be noticed. The design is what that makes the site more interactive and interesting. To convert a visitor into a customer the design of the site plays a major role. It also helps in the ranking since the dwell time of the visitor also depends on the design of the site.

The social media traffic

The social media traffic refers to the sharing of the website’s content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.  The social media plays a major role because of the simple phycology that people will share only good content. So this is an indication that the website is optimized with good content. This also reduces the work of the buyer in on page optimization.


Make sure that the site has proper demographics. For example, if it is an e-commerce blog about gadgets, the audience who should be targetted are the tech-savvy and the young people who are more into gadgets. Hence study the demographics of the site before buying it and make sure that the target audience is perfectly set.