What are the platforms where you can create your site for free?

This is the era of technology and everybody loves to move fast. Everybody wants to achieve as much as they can without spending extra money. Everybody loves to be famous among others. The best way to become famous nowadays is to create your own site and share your thoughts with others.

Everyone can’t afford to pay the price of creating and running a website of their own. In such case, there are several platforms that provide you the opportunity to create your own site for free.

These platforms provide you different themes and templates to create your site and share your ideas with others. Let’s take a look at the platforms that provide you the facility to run your website for free.


Wix is known as one of the most popular and quick website building platforms. Usually, people who want to have an instant website for their business go for the Wix. Wix is the best platform for beginners as it provides you the ability to make several changes to your site according to your desire.

There are many templates that Wix provides you to create your website. You can also create a resume, portfolio and business page with the relevant theme. Building your desired website has become much easier with the help of Wix.


This platform is perfect for all kind of businesses. You can select your desired template from the collection of Weebly and you can also make changes according to your needs.

It provides you access to different kinds of SEO tools, Google analytics and ad free framework which is easy to use and customize as per your requirement. The storage of a template is 500MB and every template at this platform is versatile.


Webnode is a popular platform for creating dynamic websites without any extra struggle. Startup companies that are trying to create something beautiful can take advantage of the excellent services of Webnode.

At this platform, you’ll find everything for free and you’ll not have to be worried about your budget. From SEO tools to analytics you can access anything and can manage your website easily by yourself.


The former name of this website was freewebs.com. It has been reported that about 20 million websites have been created on this platform till now and the performance and customization ability is best to satisfy a customer.

With the help of few clicks, you can also add e-commerce feature to your website and you can easily manage it whenever you want. It also allows you to add some premium features to your website such as “join us” and “add to cart” buttons.

People who’re willing to earn money online by running ads on their website will find it perfect and those who’re willing to sell their products online in a store will also find it useful.